Smart Accounting

Record your  operations  in  a  few  clicks  and  manage  all your  financial  activities. Robust core accounting and customizable business management features  save  you  time  and  money.  Track  all  your  income  and  expense. Get a high-level view of your key metrics. Reduce errors and increase performance.


  • Chart of Account
  • General Ledgers
  • Sales Ledger
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Multi Currency
  • Multi Location
  • Purchase Order
  • PDC Management
  • User Defined Access Control
  • Standard Year End Financial Reports
  • Receivables Ageing
  • Payables Ageing
  • Documents Store & Retrieval (*Special Feature)
  • Sales Invoice
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Division and Channel business tracking

Auditors - Accountants - Experts

Now you can manage multiple clients and their financial accounting needs from a single platform.

This version will have all of the features of the Smart Accounting and more.

  • Setup and manage as many individual companies as you want
  • Give options for companies to access specific reports online
  • Multiple Language Options

Smart Business

A fully integrated system for Financial Accounting & Inventory, Sales, Purchase and overall Business Intelligence.

You will be able to set up and manage all of your business across multiple location and multiple users in a seamless and efficient way.

Includes all of the Smart Accounting plus the following features

  • Provides you with a robust and flexible Inventory, Sales, Purchase analysis
  • Division, Category, Sub-Category, Brand & Item-wise.
  • Comprehensive Item Master Setup
  • Sales Order to Invoicing
  • Purchase Order to GRN
  • Profitability, Sales and Purchase Analysis
  • Global & Location based Stock Ageing Analysis
  • Minimum Stock Ordering Levels

Smart POS

When you deploy Smart POS you will be able to manage all your retail operations at multiple locations and have an integrated solution with the back office for centrally managed financial and inventory system.


Time Tracking Billing System

This is a stand alone system that enables companies that are involved in Consultancy, Auditing, Legal or other high cost manpower based organisations.

This is a time sheet based job tracking and billing system. You will have the flexibility of integrating this module with Smart Accounting system.